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Things I don't remember Jan. 12th, 2007 @ 10:35 am

Well Read Dec. 12th, 2006 @ 12:06 pm
Many of you the faithful might have noticed this by now, but there's a new sort of strip up on the Tossers page.

Wait, let's have some back story:

Ever since Cory came back from Japan two things have happened. One is that he can no longer be trusted to make time in his life to do Tossers. I once waited two weeks for him to produce one of the strips I sent him. Second, he and I no longer do that thing where we get along well. We've moved in different directions. Except for a few tasteless comments he's had to me while I've been dealing with my break-up, I wish him no animosity. Good luck to him.

Now, that leaves us. I can't honestly do Tossers without Cor. So, it's safe to call Tossers dead. But, Nick and Phil have always expressed interest in helping do it without Cor. So, I'm going to give them a chance. It won't be Tossers, but I can bring Zed, Em, and Eddie along for the ride. The others will have to lay at rest in the archives. So it goes.

So, I have seven of these "Well Read" strips planned for now. After that, we might see the rise of a more Tossers style strip yet again based on the actual Grimey gang, or the variety show might continue. Either way, there'll be somethign happening at least once a week.

Also, ChickenBones is still updating on a regular Fri-Sat-Sun schedule. Check it out, if you haven't.

I believe I'm allowed to be a bit emo, here Oct. 30th, 2006 @ 11:45 pm

HAHAHAHA! Oct. 27th, 2006 @ 12:04 am
The last Tossers 1 strip for now and possibly ever is up. Cor and I are contemplating putting together a "Han Shot First" edition of Tossers 1, retouched and all, and I might get some art done and we'll finish it then. In the meantime, I am moving that Tossers go back to gags, and Cor agrees, and that we will update it twice a week, although I don't guarantee any regular days for those two posts.

Now, the smarter among you are asking "Wait, two? Two is less than three. You're already lazy and you're getting worse?"

Not so, true believers! For, another twice a week I will be uploading my long overdue project, ChickenBones!

CB doesn't have a webpage yet, I'll get on that next week. For now, just check here or Tossers for the links.

I'll get us started with installment one: http://ilsantuario.com/ChickenBones/0001.png

Have faith. In us. Give us money. or booze. Or loose women. Mmm, loose women.

Blanche Bastille Battle! Sep. 1st, 2006 @ 01:38 am
Other entries
» Strips
Wednesday (today) - Penciled, inked, scanned, upped: waiting on Cor (it was his birthday last night, I suspect the "I can now legally buy alcohol" hangover is the source of all delays. Just a bet.)

Friday - Penciled. I'm inking half now, will finish it after work tonight.

Monday - Pencils at about 70%, will finish them today.

Wednesday - I start pencils on it today.

There. Look, we're back. We own the other team.
» Blah
I'm running sketch art to fill the gap while I get my act back together. Comic soon. I promise. It'll involve fire and explosions and seared old lady chunks. I've said too much.
» On the matter of the 14th
Alright! Welcome, gang. Here's some news:

Grimey Studios proper, namely the place which I habitat, has relocated successfully. During the process of moving, however, I had neither time for Tossers nor money to buy bristol to draw it on. This is being remedied quite soon. Fortunately, I have no fear of having lost my nib yet again, as has beset so much TOssers in the past, since I have switched to using goose quills. Thanks to the large goose population around the White River before I left, I have an entire drawer of quills, probably more than enough to last until next summer. So, we're good there.

We're still smack dab in the middle of a storyline, so we'll be picking right back up there. No recap, as usual, so make sure to read a few comics back. I'll try and update the dropdown storyline selector again for you.

Beyond that, check back in the 14th and make sure the recently returned Cor and I have performed our sacred duties. You guys know how to get ahold of us to whine. If you don't, I recommend actually checking out those pointless links above the comic. They say things, and may even contain information. Gasp. Shock.

I've got to go put some coffee in me, so I'm off. But, never fear: Tossers still lives.
» Special Tossers Update
So, we were supposed to be MWF this week, except I got distracted by the narcotic calling of the final installment of a series in a narrow sub-genre of post-modern literature, and temporarily forgot that I have a BFA in design and not a literature degree. Stupid me. So, there's a Tossers today, Saturday, provided Cor remembers to do it, to make up.

Down with the proletariat, up with the bourgeoise. Grimey prevails.
» Down with Rok's Racial Prejudices!
Hey! Tossers fans, listen up:

Get in line behind your own Papa Misanthropy, your own (very) Reverend DXM, your own belovéd fuck-up: Zed Martinez! I am petitioning to stop a growing and serious problem within this group; out-weighing crack abuse, listening to DMB, letting Nick near alcohol, and fucking goats. That's right, I am marching to stop racial prejudice against self-respecting, Libertarian voting penises across the world. Like mine. Y Grec the Third. Poor little Y Grec is currently in intense counseling following several acts of savage verbal attacks and a general defamation of character by someone whom I thought knew better: our own Cory Long.

This irresponsible racism cannot be left unchecked. What's next? Fans who only spend 15 seconds reading our hours of work? People who wisely voted against Bush? Raccoons? If we give an inch here, how many miles will this coniving bastard take from us?

Stand with me, oh ye the fans, and together we can overcome this growing menace to our happy, fruitful penile community.

Down with the proletariat, up with the bourgeouise. Grimey prevails.

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