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On the matter of the 14th - Tossers

About On the matter of the 14th

Previous Entry On the matter of the 14th Aug. 7th, 2006 @ 11:51 am Next Entry
Alright! Welcome, gang. Here's some news:

Grimey Studios proper, namely the place which I habitat, has relocated successfully. During the process of moving, however, I had neither time for Tossers nor money to buy bristol to draw it on. This is being remedied quite soon. Fortunately, I have no fear of having lost my nib yet again, as has beset so much TOssers in the past, since I have switched to using goose quills. Thanks to the large goose population around the White River before I left, I have an entire drawer of quills, probably more than enough to last until next summer. So, we're good there.

We're still smack dab in the middle of a storyline, so we'll be picking right back up there. No recap, as usual, so make sure to read a few comics back. I'll try and update the dropdown storyline selector again for you.

Beyond that, check back in the 14th and make sure the recently returned Cor and I have performed our sacred duties. You guys know how to get ahold of us to whine. If you don't, I recommend actually checking out those pointless links above the comic. They say things, and may even contain information. Gasp. Shock.

I've got to go put some coffee in me, so I'm off. But, never fear: Tossers still lives.
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